Doing what I can ...

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Doing what I can ...

Post by vBType » Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:08 am ... ld-wealth/

Yeah. Depressing.

So ... they say being truly able in all academic topis might help.
So ... they say college may help.
So ... they say wealth may help.
So ... they say early job experiences may help.
So ... they say lowering college tuition might help.
So ... they say more scholarships might help.
So ... they say work-study might help.
So ... they say changing to a high-paying STEM major might help.

Where is the program that combines all the things that help?

Pick your field of study. I'm going to start putting together notes for what *I* knew in High School to get into MIT / Caltech.

Lots of stuff to cover. I'll be asking you guys to get some references (5 -10 bucks a piece). Reading will be from books likely waiting in your public library. There may be some notes from me.

The final goals:
1) Math: 5 on the AP Calculus BC
2) Physics: 5 on the AP Physics C
3) Chemistry: 5 on the AP Chemistry
4) Biology: 5 on the AP Biology
5) 5 on AP Computer science
6) 3 on AP Literature and AP Launguage
7) 3 on AP US History and Economics
8) SAT Subject Tests: 800 -- Math Iic, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
9) 700+ Verbal and 800 Math on General SAT
10) "Good" Music or Art
11) Other Extra-Curricular: STEM and humanities competitions
12) OM, Academic Decathlon, TXML, NML, USAMTS, AMC/AIME/USAMO, ARML, MIT competition, Intel Science Fair
13) Fluent web development with HTML5 + JavaScript and basic Mac/iOS app development.

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