The book of proofs!

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The book of proofs!

Post by vBType » Mon Jun 19, 2017 6:34 am

I’m coming out as a math major today. Generalized, math is the poetry of logic and how objects relate: “if you have a square and double all sides, does the bigger square always have 4 times the area of the smaller one? If so, why?” Math seeks to explain things.

Here I share with you one small bit of our generally little-known math lore. Erdos, an outstanding and renowned mathematician, believed that God had a book containing all mathematical explanations explained in the most simple, elegant, and beautiful way. Only the most daring and knowing could ever even get close to discovering one of these proofs.

But I’d like to believe, for the scientifically spiritual, there is a also a book containing the easiest road and process to solve problems in other fields also. I am a tinkerer in data. I am a analyzer of said data. I am a solver of problems?

And so I boldly show my thoughts and I submit a policy change. First the story of why there is a problem.

While attending graduate school, the country was hit by the housing crisis. Unemployment and the need for safety-net money was high. 

My university along with many UCs, CSUs, and community colleges were in economic turmoil.

But here's my take: the problem stemmed from the way almost every US governmental agency was run. 

Our department would ask for money. Then, If we were granted money, we had to spend every penny received or risk getting less funding the next year.

The department might as well be on disability — a similar situation where money is handed to a recipient and saving more than $2000 total may result in reduction of benefits.

 But as it turns out, the disabled recently had a New sheriff in town. Disability recipients can now create a special savings account and are allowed to put a certain number of dollars in it without penalty as long as the money is only used for essentials and “getting back on your feet.”

 It acts in some ways as the emergency fund that top personal finance folks always say you should have.

But back to those poor government entities. I think government agencies should also be allowed a similar savings account — an account for emergencies or for expansion when needed. This could eliminate the need to spend everything and lessen the pain when hit by a financial emergency.

Nite Guys.

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